Dates in DD.MM.YY format

1.1.2 (Released 26.08.23)

  • [Fix] Console error when replacing time field on sites using only Pickup features of the plugin.
  • [Change] Roleback current time feature. Time shown was not respecting site timezone.
  • [Dev] Updated Freemius SDK.

1.1.1 (Released 26.08.23)

  • [Dev] Version bump.

1.1.0 (Released 26.08.23)

  • [New] Reminders feature. Send customers email reminders before their delivery/pickup order.
  • [New] Option to remove passed time slots from dropdown.
  • [New] Option to show current time on checkout page.
  • [Fix] Validation was being ran on Time and Date field even when features were turned off.
  • [Fix] Duplicate time field on mobile.
  • [Improvement] Automatically hide shipping fields when customer switches to “Pickup” order type.
  • [Improvement] Don’t show order details countdown timer when no time was selected for order.
  • [Improvement] Block time selection field while Ajax is running.
  • [Improvement] Added localization fields for “Order type”, “Order date” and “Order time” text that show in emails.

1.0.14 (Released 08.08.23)

  • [Fix PRO] Customer note would not show unless locations feature was turned on.
  • [Fix PRO] Store location text would show on Thank You page when feature was not turned on.
  • [Fix] Shipping methods were not always updating based on order type.
  • [Info] Tested on WC 8.0.
  • [Info] Tested on WP 6.3.

1.0.13 (Released 31.07.23)

  • [Fix] Error checking out when no email options are selected in plugin settings.
  • [Info] Tested on WP 6.3.

1.0.12 (Released 20.07.23)

  • [Improvement] Remove Kikote plugin related JS logic since Kikote Visibility Rules can take care of it.
  • [Dev] Updated Freemius SDK.

1.0.11 (Released 06.07.23)

  • [Fix] Call to undefined method.
  • [Fix] Console error when hiding non-existent Kikote saved addresses field.

1.0.10 (Released 06.07.23)

  • [Dev] Version bump.

1.0.9 (Released 06.07.23)

  • [Compatibility] Always show Kikote’s store selector dropdown when order type is Pickup and option to hide the store selector is set to false.
  • [Info] Tested on WC 7.9.
  • [Dev] Updated Freemius SDK.

1.0.8 (Released 13.06.23)

  • [New PRO] Locations feature to create different delivery and pickup locations that customers can select from.
  • [New] Option to hide Kikote map and store selector when switching order type to “pickup”.
  • [Dev] Updated Freemius SDK.
  • [Info] Tested on WC 7.7.
  • [Info] Tested on WC 7.8.0.

1.0.7 (Released 04.04.23)

  • [Fix] Wrong text for the option that controls which emails to include the date and time fields inside.

1.0.6 (Released 04.04.23)

  • [New] Added Orders “Fulfillment” column to show order date and time.
  • [New] Added Localization fields so store owners can change the “Order Type”, “Delivery”, “Pickup”, “Change order to” texts on the checkout page as well as text on order details page.
  • [New] Hide delivery and pickup methods based on the order type.
  • [New] General Settings option to add selected order type, order date & time fields to the order emails.
  • [New PRO] Hide shipping or delivery option based on User Role.
  • [Info] Tested on WP 6.2.
  • [Info] Tested on WC 7.5.

1.0.5 (Released 07.03.23)

  • [Fix] Review notice was not stopping when dismissed.
  • [Improvement] Add a copy of POT file for self translations. You’re encouraged to however submit translations here
  • [Improvement] Update plugin assets.
  • [Info] Tested on WP 6.2-beta5.
  • [Info] Tested on WC 7.4.

1.0.3 (Released 04.02.23)

  • [Improvement] Add some content to SL Plugins menu item

1.0.3 (Released 21.01.23)

  • [Fix] Wrong request key when grabbing time slots for a particular day.
  • [Improvement] Made plugin’s menu structure and logic better.
  • [Improvement] Add plugin assets.
  • [Info] Tested on WC 7.3.

1.0.2 (Released 21.01.23)

  • [Info] Version bump